We spend a lot of time in front of the TV — an average of four hours each day, according to Nielsen. It’s become a decades-old pastime, during holidays, parties or simply after a long day of work. Over the years, however, the experience has largely remained the same, dull. Sure, we’ve seen innovations like the remote, sharper screens and DVR; a natural evolution. But nothing has truly revolutionized the industry quite like Smart TV capabilities. If you want the ultimate viewing experience, Samsung’s 75-inch Class LED 9000 Series is the one to get.

Viewers are no longer passive couch potatoes. Samsung’s 75-inch behemoth features a number of Smart interactions, apps and services that makes sitting there a bit more active. One could say, for example, Manchester United into the remote’s microphone, and see search results get pulled up instantly.


Think of the 9000 Series as a Lambo/Ferrari/Bentley/whatever your top luxury car of choice is. When you spend the kind of dough ($9,999.99 MSRP) for an electronic like this, you don’t just want paragon guts: built-in Wi-Fi, built-in camera, 1,920 x 1,080 display, 3x HDMI, 3x USB 2.0 are just a few of this TV’s features. You want it to look the part, almost as if it’s a beautiful piece of art or trophy hanging from the wall: it’s just 1.4-inches thick, weighs 97 pounds and has virtually no bezel (only .31-inch thick). It looks like a showpiece, and not something you’d find in someone’s living room.


With so many features and capabilities, you’d expect exceptional guts running under the hood — an engine that can go from 0-60 mph in no time flat. Samsung has set some very high standards for itself in the electronics industry; not just in the mobile market, it has long been a top competitor in the TV-making business. And with each passing year, the company’s TV just gets better: we now have precision blacks, 3D, a clear motion rate of 960, micro dimming, a fast built-in dual-core processor, and Evolution Kit support so you can replace important components, not the entire set in a few year’s time.

The set uses Active shutter technology, providing the most crisp 3D in full HD 1080p. And even more impressive, the ES-9000 converts 2D viewing to 3D, meaning all your favorite programs (The Walking Dead) can be displayed in stunning 3D. Zombie braaaaains.

Smart Hub, and Using Existing Gadgets

Homescreens are where people are most comfortable these days on smartphones and tablets. The Smart Hub is the ES-9000’s equivalent. It’s where you see Recommended Apps, Signature Services, Now Playing, Search Bar, and all your apps (Pandora, ESPN, Twitter, etc.). The cool thing is that Smart Hub can be easily summoned using simple hand gestures, and selecting an app is just as easy. Gestures make the experience less cumbersome and easier to navigate because you don’t have to fumble around with buttons and clicks and accidental presses. If you’re feeling really lazy, though, and want to revert back to old TV-watching habits, Android users can use a device like the Galaxy S III to control the TV.

The Future in the Present

Don’t settle for some store-made brand on Black Friday. Save up, mow a few extra lawns and work a few late nights. The ES-9000 should be your main objective if you’re in the market for a luxury TV — it promises to improve the experience much in the same way smartphones and tablets have uncomplicated the computer. It’s an enormous all-in-one that offers a crisp picture and features that we only wished were real just a decade ago. It’s not the most affordable in town, but that’s the price you pay for quality and beauty. And come on, who wouldn’t want a 75-inch TV hanging on their wall?

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