Sprint phone names

It seems that Sprint is getting ready to unleash three more phones into the world, and thanks to a leak, we’ve got their names, but not a whole lot else.

According to a tipster to Engadget, Sprint is getting ready for their own version of the Samsung Galaxy S II which will carry the very long winded name of Samsung Galaxy S II Epic 4G Touch.  Our thinking is the battery may die before you finish saying that name.  The HTC EVO Design 4G is supposed to have a qHD display, which seems to be the hot new screen technology that is taking the cellular world by storm as of late.  The last new one to have its name leaked is the Motorola Admiral, which is clearly missing the “4G” moniker, leading everyone to believe that this handset will be foregoing WiMAX connectivity.

Beyond the names and logos, absolutely nothing is known about these phones at this time.  We have no clue as to release dates, prices or even when they may be officially announced.  Considering the popularity of the Galaxy S II internationally, and apparently every carrier getting their own version, the version for Sprint is sure to be a flagship device for the carrier once it is unleashed to the customers.

Do any of these phones capture your interest?

[via Engadget]