Not even bad weather can stop the American release of the premiere Samsung Galaxy S II. But it can delay it’s official debut by a day.

The Epic 4G Touch, the CDMA carrier’s variation on the GSII, was originally scheduled to be shown off tonight in New York City, but thanks to Hurricane Irene, the event was delayed by a day.  In the mean time, at least we can stare longingly at the official press images that hit the wire.

SGS II fans, are you snapping up this one and only CDMA choice? Or will you go with the other versions, the “Attain” on AT&T or “Hercules” on Tmo? There is, of course, another option: Waiting as long as it takes for the latest, biggest, sickest LTE version to wind its way here. Let us know which way you’re leaning.

[via PocketNow]