Samsung’s TouchWiz software has gotten a lot better and a lot less intrusive over the years. The South Korean company is slowly learning to loosen its grip on Android, and a new commercial from the Galaxy-maker highlights just that while also taking yet another shot at Apple.

The video is shot to resemble a classic iPhone ad. All you see is the device and a hand controlling it. There’s also a calm-voiced narrator, though the words he says seem to be aimed directly at Apple.

The first words we here are, “Sure you can change your background, but why stop there?” That sounds like a direct shot at the iPhone, and Apple’s latest promise of more complex homescreen images. The video goes on to highlight all the different themes and widgets you can choose from. Google and its aways present Android search bar even get a mention.

Of course you can do this on pretty much any Android device. Samsung may offer some cool extra themes, but there’s nothing stopping you from downloading a new launcher and starting from scratch.

What really sets Samsung apart is the combination of great hardware and Android software. The company’s last few phones boast some of the best mobile designs we’ve ever seen, along with great cameras and solid specs overall. If Samsung can tell that entire story it may have a real hit on its hands, though this new ad is still a pretty good start.