Samsung doesn’t think customer service has to be so bad.

In South Carolina, the South Korean company will open a massive facility tasked with listening to customers and help them solve issues. The 34,928-square foot campus, called the Connected Customer Care Center, will be located in Greenville and bring hundreds of new jobs to the area within a few years. Since an estimated 71 percent of U.S. households have at least one Samsung-made product, the company feels inclined to go all-in on customer service.

The facility will aid in education, training, and support. Samsung will get some help, too. A partnership with Alorica, which has plenty of experience in customer service, means Samsung doesn’t have to start from nothing and figure out kinks as it goes. It’ll be a world-class operation to help customers.

By the way, this isn’t the first time Samsung has made a significant investment in South Carolina. There is a support center in Simpsonville that opened in 2009. Samsung also opened a home appliance manufacturing plant in Newberry earlier this year that cost $380 million to build.

The appeal to remain in the state, aside from likely tax benefits, is its “skilled workforce and the company’s existing facilities.” Samsung is already there, so it might as well continue building.

Now we’ll have to see in a few years if the Connected Customer Care Center really makes customer service pleasant for once.