Samsung Premiere 2013 - Galaxy S4 - Family - Promo - 021

Samsung announced on Wednesday that it will open registration for its developers conference on August 16 at 6 AM PST (9am EST). Interested developers might want to get prepared early, considering how quickly Google I/O and Apple’s WWDC sold out this year (WWDC sold out in about 2 minutes). Samsung announced the conference last month when it revealed that the event will take place between October 27 and October 29 in San Francisco.

The gathering will allow developers to take advantage of workshops and meet with others inside the industry, including executives and other coders. Additionally, Samsung will train them to work with tools that will make it easier for them to build applications for all of Samsung’s products. That includes help for anyone interested in writing apps for Samsung’s TVs, tablets,  smartphones or any other device – the goal is to provide a learning environment that helps promote development across all of the platform’s Samsung uses.

Anyone who is interested in attending the event can head to Samsung’s developer portal in the source link below to sign up for additional information.