Despite reports that Samsung would begin to scale back its Android modifications, the Galaxy S5 comes packed with more added features and tweaks than even we can keep track of. Thankfully, a new promo video from the company lists some of the most important new features in just under four minutes.

The video focuses mainly on the new smartphone’s camera capabilities and its focus on personal health with features like Gear integration and its built-in heart rate monitor. We also get a look at the device’s power-saving features, including its beefed up battery and the ability to switch from full color to black and white when your battery is running low and more. We did notice that the video doesn’t dwell on the handset’s new design beyond pointing out its four color options.

The Galaxy S5 may be just an iterative update from last year’s Galaxy S4, but it does offer some noticeable improvements. The screen is slightly bigger, at 5.1-inches, without feeling too bulky or heavy, while last year’s soft plastic backing has been replaced with a nicer perforated design. Finally, the entire thing has been waterproofed.

There’s no official word on when the Galaxy S5 will launch here in the U.S., though we don’t expect it to hit stores until April at the earliest. The smartphone’s price is also a mystery, though we imagine it will come in at $200 with a two-year contract just like previous models.