Samsung announced the Galaxy S III in May of this year, but a new rumor that surfaced yesterday suggested the South Korea-based technology giant had plans to unveil the next iteration as soon as February. That speculation isn't true, according to recent statements made by Samsung's Korean Twitter account.

The translation is rough, but it does point to the recent rumors:

Please note that some media reported speculation that the Galaxy S Ⅲ subsequent models will be released in a simple rumor is not true. Fixed'm not doing anything, why spread these rumors?

The Korea Times first reported that Samsung was going to announce the Galaxy S IV during the Mobile World Congress trade show and cited an unnamed Samsung executive as its source. It's possible this could still happen, anything is possible in tech these days. Our guess is Samsung is trying to squash the rumor so that consumers remain focused on its Galaxy Note II and current Galaxy S III flagship device.

[via CNET, Samsung]