Samsung released the latest batch of its Ingenius ads that take aim at all things Apple. This time around, Samsung is ready to start the Galaxy Note 9 versus iPhone X debate and gleefully ranks its phone as the superior one and the dumb Genius (or Ingenius) at the Apple Store can’t say otherwise.

The first of the two adds focuses on how much more powerful the Galaxy Note 9 is over the iPhone X, though no specifications are mentioned. It’s just a customer talking about how powerful the Note 9 is due to the Snapdragon 845 processor. The genius replies with some half-assed answers to which the customer has some witty responses to.

During the ad, Samsung takes time to bash Face ID by saying the Note 9 too has a face unlock feature though it’s not nearly as secure as Apple’s version. It also takes a shot at FaceTiming with up to 32 people at once, with the customer saying “why would I ever do that?”

The second ad takes aim at the Apple Pencil. A customer asks about the Apple Pencil, asking why it doesn’t work on the iPhone if it’s like the S-Pen on the Note 9. The most logical answer is that the Apple Pencil is much bigger than the S-Pen stylus; using it on an iPhone would be comical but ultimately needless as there’s hardly any room to actually write.

Though the ad is pretty self-explanatory, Apple is still paying a price for Steve Jobs famously mocking styli during the original iPhone launch event even though it now sells one for $100.

Samsung’s Ingenius ads are always amusing. They tend to heavily lean into making fun of Apple’s products rather than up-selling its own products, but that has proven to be a winning formula for Samsung in the past..

That’s pretty unfortunate because if Samsung just let the Galaxy Note 9 do all the talking, it’ll make a big statement with all that it offers.