"When do you think we're going to be able to…. do that thing?" That's one of several funny quotes (that time, in reference to Samsung's S Beam feature) in Samsung's latest anti-iPhone 5 commercials.

You might be either a pro-iPhone 5 fan or an anti-Samsung fan, that's OK, but there's definitely a bit of humor in these commercials for everyone. The clips are largely very similar to the 90-second commercials Samsung already has running on TV  – I seem to see them most often during NFL games  – but there are a few small edits in these shorter, 30-second clips.

In another scene, there's a GS3 user who is holding a spot in the iPhone line for his parents. We've already seen this in the longer clips, but then he jests "home by midnight you two!" Check out the second video below.

[via Business Insider]