Samsung Galaxy S III Mockup

Following speculation earlier this week that claimed the much-anticipated Galaxy S III would not be unveiled at Mobile World Congress next month, Samsung has confirmed that it is "still reviewing" a launch date for its next flagship device.

The Korean company's Senior Vice President of Marketing, Younghee Lee, said the company is "still reviewing several options for when to launch," and that it would let us know when that date has been decided. Sources for The Next Web claim that Samsung continues to enjoy success with its existing lineup of smartphones, and that it feels it would be more beneficial for the company to launch the device on its own at an exclusive event after February's MWC.

Samsung's Galaxy S II is still a hugely popular device among Android users, and maintains its position as one of the best smartphones available in today's market. It's unsurprising, then, that the company wants to protect Galaxy S II sales by holding on to the third-generation device for a little while longer.

This confirms earlier reports that claimed the device would not be introduced next month. But according to those reports, it will still arrive "before summer," and likely before Apple's next-generation iPhone, which is sure to be its biggest rival.

Are you disappointed that the Galaxy S III won't be on show at MWC next month?

[via The Next Web]