Samsung recently introduced its ATIV line of products for Microsoft's Windows 8 and Windows Phone 8 platforms and has already published a commercial for the devices. The commercial covers its ATIV SMART PC, ATIV Smart PC Pro, ATIV Tab and ATIV S and, specifically, how a business user might use each of them in real life.

In the commercial a man, who appears to be an executive at a meeting of sorts, picks up his phone while working on his Samsung ATIV laptop/tablet hybrid. He's told "we're in trouble" and he lifts the tablet off of the keyboard and flees the meeting. The video pans and he's in the back of a cab working to finalize a client report.

Suddenly, an employee who appears to be vacationing an an island gets a call from the executive on his ATIV S Windows Phone. He begins editing a document from the phone while the executive continues on in the taxi. Meanwhile, another employee who appears to be in a crowded foreign shopping center gets a notification on her tablet that she's also needed. She edits the document immediately from the tablet as the executive bounces out of the cab and runs into his meeting. He walks into the client meeting, sets his laptop on a new keyboard stand (remember, he left the original in the coffee shop) and begins the presentation without issue.

It's a compelling commercial, but how often are wireless networks so reliable around the globe that this would actually ever work?

[via SamMobile]