Samsung Galaxy Note 3 vs Note II vs Galaxy S4 - 002

Speaking at the company's first ever Developers Conference in California, Samsung Electronics executive vice president David Eun proudly announced that the South Korean smartphone maker now sells one million devices per day on average. That figure covers all mobile sales, including phones and tablets, but doesn't include TV sales or any other non-mobile consumer electronics, Android Central reports.

The news came as part of Samsung's push to turn its massive army of devices and products into a unified platform in an effort to challenge the likes of Apple and Google.

"We know many of these devices and screens are connected," Eun told the packed conference. "This is largely due to the fact that some 40 percent of the population connects to the internet. We hope to build along with you one of the largest platforms in the world for content, services, apps and ads."

Samsung is already taking steps towards creating its unified platform. Earlier today the company announced five new SDKs, the majority of which are focused on developing apps to bridge two of its biggest businesses, mobile and TV. Whether or not its plan to offer the best version of what Eun calls "the connected life" works out may already be in the hands of its mobile developers.