Samsung rolled out a handful of new features for its ChatOn service today in an effort to compete with other more popular messaging apps. Version 3.5 of the service adds the ability to recall any messages you might regret sending along with a few extra perks.

To recall a message, just tap and hold until a bubble pops up to show a list of options. Then tap "Recall" to make the message vanish from both your phone and the person who received it. This only works in one-on-one chat, however, meaning you're out of luck if you sent your message to a group. There's also no way to tell if someone's already grabbed a screenshot.

Beyond the ability to undo your messages, Samsung also introduced the ability to broadcast your location to friends in real time. Finally, ChatON 3.5 supports file sharing for up to 1GB, meaning you can easily share high-quality videos and larger documents. It also means group chats can now hold up to 1,001 people, though we can't really imagine a situation where that would come in handy.

ChatON is available across all major platforms, but hasn't been able to grab much of a foothold in the messaging market despite support from Samsung. Today's update may spark some interest in the service, but it's unlikely to convince anyone to stop using more popular options like Snapchat and WhatsApp.