hololens 1

Samsung is already pushing into virtual reality with Gear VR, but the company could be making the leap into augmented reality as well. A new report from SlashGear claims the South Korean giant is developing a new headset designed to compete with Google Glass and Microsoft's HoloLens.

The device apparently features a single physical button, speakers, a microphone and a wireless design. Unlike Gear VR, the new headset will let you walk around while using it. You'll be able to see the real world, while also viewing virtual images, thanks to a pair of built-in cameras that record 3D photos and video of the environment. Samsung apparently still hasn't decided between Android or Tizen for the operating system.

Sources also described a complicated system of lights that would set Samsung's headset apart from the competition. The device apparently features a "light guide element" for each eye along with a separate "second element" emitting light from outside the headset. The setup will also use some other module to reflect the light into the right position. It sounds pretty intense, though we assume you won't have to think about it when using the final product. Hopefully it will just work.

SlashGear notes that the device is still months away from even being tested. For now, it's probably more of a concept than an actual product. It doesn't even have a name yet, though hopefully this headset doesn't end up scrapped on the factory floor.