Samsung Galaxy S6 vs Galaxy S6 Edge-7

Plenty of phones over the years have launched with two camera modules. There was the time when 3D was supposed to be a hit, and when phones launched with two lenses to capture 3D images. That flopped. Then HTC tried something different by adding a single camera and a depth sensor most recently with the One M8. Now Samsung might try adding two lenses to its phones, too.

According to G for Games, which cites Samsung's earnings report and sources inside the company, Samsung is hoping to launch smartphones with two camera modules in an effort to offer "backlight compensation, better quality when zooming higher shooting performance… and better bokeh effects," G for Games explained.

The phones we've seen with two lenses so far have offered features that seem gimmicky rather than truly valuable, and it's unclear how Samsung will avoid that. It's possible Samsung is working on tech similar to what we saw in an earlier Apple patent, however, where Cupertino hopes to use two lenses to increase the quality of photos that are snapped with cameras without high megapixel counts.

G for Games said Samsung hopes to get the tech on the market during the second half of next year.