Samsung’s rumored Bixby AI will not only be incredibly smart, but multilingual, too. According to a report from ETNews, the assistant will launch with support for up to eight languages, including Korean and Chinese.

If true, Samsung’s technology would be ahead of Google Assistant, which currently supports four languages (English, German, Brazilian Portuguese, and Hindi). Siri, meanwhile, supports 20 languages, although the assistant has been available since 2011.

Launching with more robust language support will, of course, give Bixby a wider appeal, which could be key to the assistant’s success. Although Bixby is launching in the shadow of assistants such as Google Assistant, Siri, Cortana, and Alexa, Samsung’s technology is said to be far superior, capable of understanding complex queries and follow-up questions.

Bixby is said to be integrated deeply into the Galaxy S8, with plans to bring the technology to other Samsung products in the future, including smart TVs, appliances, and other mobile devices. In other words, Bixby will play a key part in Samsung’s ecosystem going forward.

Expect the Galaxy S8 at the end of March

Bixby is said to be based on Viv, a next-gen assistant built by the makers of Siri. According to the creators of Viv, what makes its technology so advanced is the AI’s ability to write its own code to accomplish new tasks.

According to previous rumors, Samsung is expected to launch the Galaxy S8 on March 29, with a release to follow in April. That’s a long time from now, but if it means there are no issues (re Galaxy Note 7) then Samsung can take all the time it needs.