Best Buy Store Closing

High traffic Best Buy locations will receive new pop-up style Samsung booths as a way to stand out during the busy summer months, said Thursday. Similar to Apple's store-in-a-store sections you see in Best Buy, Target and Walmart, Samsung's new kiosks are aimed at blocking out other mobile competitors so it can push the Galaxy S4. More importantly, it'll give consumers the opportunity to experience the device more intimately. At least, that's the goal.

Typical store layouts pack phones next to each other like cars in a parking lot, making it difficult to 1) stand out from other devices and 2) give customers any meaningful time with the device, especially in a crowd. The new Samsung spaces will have a separate booth away from the other companies, and also likely have more than one Galaxy S4 on display. Here's what had to say:

Best Buy locations will soon be receiving instruction to remove two aisles next to their mobile department and prepare to install a new Samsung store. This new section will be dressed in large Samsung signage and offer custom demo stations for many of Samsung's products. Locations with the new section will be issuing special training sessions for employees in the mobile department, focusing heavily on how to show off Samsung-specific features.

Samsung eventually wants to have a store-in-a-store within every Best Buy, though it's unclear how long a project like that will take. But just know that Samsung is moving aggressively to a Best Buy near you, which is great news for the company and its fans.