Samsung wanted to make absolutely sure Bixby Voice was ready to go before making it available to Galaxy S8 owners, which is why the feature was delayed when the device launched. Now, it looks like the feature is starting to become functional for some users, according to a report from ZDNET.

The bad news is Bixby Voice appears to only be rolling out to users in South Korea—at least for now. Samsung previously gave a vague spring timeframe for when Bixby Voice would begin rolling out, so there’s no telling when it’ll hit U.S. devices. Technically, spring doesn’t end until June 20, which means U.S.-based S8 owners could still be in for a lengthy wait.

At launch, the Galaxy S8 came with support for Bixby Vision and Bixby Home, two features that are good, but still need plenty of work. It will be interesting to see how well Bixby Voice works seeing as Samsung delayed the feature’s launch to ensure it was the best it could be.

With Bixby Voice enabled, users will be able to perform voice searches, set alarms, call friends and family, and more. Basically, whatever you can do with your own two hands, you should be able to do with your voice. At least, that’s what Samsung is promising.

Whether Bixby Voice can deliver remains to be seen. With a Korean launch underway, hopefully it means Samsung will follow that up with a U.S. release. For now, you can just as easily use Google Assistant with the S8, which has already proven itself to be a pretty solid digital assistant.