The American Customer Satisfaction Index (ASCI) recently published its results for consumer satisfaction with phone brands in the United States during 2014. The research shows that consumers were generally more satisfied with Samsung phones over Apple phones, though both brands beat out the overall average.

Samsung received top marks with a score of 81 for the year, up 6.6 percent from last year. Apple fell to second place, dropping 2.5 percent to a score of 79. The industry average was a score of 78, up 2.6 percent which is good news for everyone, and was followed by Nokia (77, up 1.3 percent); Motorola Mobility (Google) with a score of 77 and no change; HTC, up 4.2 percent to a score of 75; BlackBerry (74, up 7.2 percentage points) and LG, up 2.8 percent to a score of 73.

The survey included responses from 70,000 participants, according to Engadget. In general, most brands, save for Apple, actually saw increases in consumer satisfaction which, as we said above, is good for everyone. It's not apparent why Apple lost satisfaction in this survey and whether it's related to hardware, software or a combination of both.