It was inevitable, assured, certain. With the spotlight firmly on Apple’s new iPhones yesterday, Samsung has taken to social media to taunt its competitor, throwing out what the Korean company’s employees probably thought were sick burns. But Apple fans won’t care. All it is is a bunch of grown adults trying to be clever. Hashtag clever, hashtag look at me.

In a series of tweets, Samsung takes jabs at Apple’s Pencil, Siri and its new music service, reminding people that it offers six free months of Google Play Music (not its own Milk service) to Apple Music’s three. As for the Pencil? Samsung has offered the S-Pen for several years now through its Galaxy Note lineup.

Seeing Samsung take shots at Apple is nothing new; the company has been doing it for years. The legendary war between Apple and Samsung seemed to finally die off in 2015, but Samsung just won’t let it go. Is it because Samsung feels threatened by Apple’s growing stature in the smartphone market? Or is this all just fun and games? Then again playing the “anti” role is an often used marketing ploy. Remember the early Apple ads that pitted its products as the anti-IBM?

Samsung recently released its Note 5 and Galaxy S6 Edge Plus, two very good Android devices. But given the immense success of last year’s iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus, Samsung is no doubt feeling the heat now that Apple has new phones on the way.