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There's a lot to like about the current crop of smartwatches, and we're expecting big things later this year from Android Wear and Apple's iWatch. But one big drawback for all of these devices is their tiny screens, which make it difficult to get very much done besides reading bite-sized notifications one at a time. Samsung may be looking to change that with a large-screened "smart bangle" revealed in a recent patent awarded to the company.

According to a report from Patently Mobile, Samsung submitted its patent for the smart bangle late last year, though that doesn't necessarily mean it will result in a final product. The large curved screen, may be controlled with a number of wrist and arm movements. You can also manipulate the display by touching it, even zooming in on some apps like Maps or Photos.

Samsung's patent suggests the device could feature some impressive security settings, using a camera to scan the users face before it is unlocked. The company also suggests a number of design options ranging from a flexible material to a classic bangle to a "handcuff shaped" model. The bangle could also include a cushion on the inside for a more comfortable fit.

From the look of it Samsung isn't quite sure what it's smart bangle should look like or do. The company's patent is all over the place, packing tons of ideas and features into the bangle, which has us thinking it could be a while before the final model is complete. Even so, the idea of a wearable device with a big screen is certainly intriguing.