iPhone 4 front back sideSamsung wants the iPhone and iPad pulled from the shelves in the Netherlands. The company has filed paperwork with the Hague Court in the Netherlands asking for an injunction banning the sale of Apple’s iconic devices in the EU.

You may remember the Hague court from the Samsung/Apple drama as the court that ordered the Galaxy Tab and several Galaxy-branded phones to be pulled from store shelves.

If nothing changes, the Galaxy S, Galaxy S II, and Galaxy Ace will not be able to be sold in the EU starting in mid October. Apple won an injunction against the Galaxy Tab; however, currently the Tab is only barred from sale in Germany rather than the entire EU because the company didn’t file the paperwork and fees required to extend the injunction throughout the entire EU .

If Samsung wins an injunction against the iPhone and iPad, the two companies are likely to come to an agreement that puts/keeps all of the devices on the shelves rather than actually remove the iPhone and iPad from stores. The two have already set up a hearing to discuss licensing issues. Should they come to an agreement, then the two would likely start exchanging licensing fees for using services rather than continue to battle in patent court.