Samsung Galaxy Team

Samsung is reportedly handing out free Galaxy Note 3s to athletes at the Sochi Olympics this year. Fun. In return for that free kit, the Korean company is reportedly asking that no other competing branding be visible during the opening ceremony. Have an iPhone? Windows Phone? Hide them far, far away from the cameras.

The Korean company is a sponsor for the event, which is why it's bothering handing out devices at all. But that financial support comes with some guidelines, according to the Swiss Olympic team. Not an athlete? Wield your iPhone as much as you want. In addition to advertising its brand with a "Galaxy Team" at the Olympics, the company is asking for athletes who received a Note 3 to physically cover branding for competing products.

That kind of branding push isn't surprising, especially during such a big event. People all over the world will be watching the opening ceremony, and if Samsung can manipulate those eyeballs into believing the Note 3 is the device of choice for Olympic athletes, then its sponsorship will be worth the cost. So keep your eyes out during the opening ceremony, which kicks off on Feb. 7, and see how many Note 3s you can spot. It'll be fun to see if any Apple or Microsoft logos show up.

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