galaxy s4 gold

Samsung will roll out a gold-colored version of the Galaxy S4, at least in parts of the Middle East where the company has begun promoting the device through its local social media accounts. The Galaxy S4 Gold Edition will apparently come in two models, one with a pink front panel and one in brown to complement the gold back casing.

Apple and Samsung regularly steal small design and software ideas from each other in an ongoing battle over the high-end smartphone market, but it's impossible to ignore the timing on this one. Just weeks after Apple announced a gold-colored version of the iPhone 5s and days after the device was revealed to be in high demand and short supply, Samsung has rolled out a gold version of their own flagship handset. I mean, come on.

There's no word on when Samsung will launch the gold Galaxy S4, or how much the device might cost. Considering that it's only being promoted on the Samsung Mobile Arabia Twitter account and Samsung Gulf Facebook page it could be limited to the Middle East region. Hopefully, Samsung will make an official statement soon.