Samsung’s TV designs are always on point, and that same excellence has transferred to the company’s computer monitors. On Monday, Samsung announced the SD590C, a curved monitor that looks stunning—a little bit like Apple’s Thunderbolt display, sure, but better. The stand; the minimal bezels; the subtle curve. My finger is on the Buy button as we speak.

The monitor is designed for multimedia purposes, sporting stereo speakers for surround sound and a 27-inch 1080p screen. Samsung says that its engineers studied the human eye to determine the optimal curve for the best possible viewing experience. Not only that, but with a curvature of 400R, Samsung says users get a wider field of view than boring old flat screens. This, as you’d imagine, is better for both gaming and movies, but will also help cut out visual distractions, which Samsung says will lead to less eye fatigue.

We haven’t been able to test if the SD590C does indeed provide a better viewing experience, but we’re really excited to try. With a display response time of 4ms, 350-nit max brightness and 3000:1 contrast ratio, this might be the monitor to get this holiday period. The resolution might not be the highest, but at $429.99, you still get a great design and excellent technology in return. I mean, we already know Samsung makes great computer monitors, so we’re sure that pristine quality will be present here.

Like Samsung’s SD390, the SD590C has a Game Mode, which dynamically adjusts settings on the fly. The technology works great, and definitely helps to make your games look as good as possible. Additionally, the SD590C sports a Game Boost mode, which promises to adjust equalizers and other audio settings on the fly.

You can pick up the SD590C beginning Oct. 1 for $429.99. Is that curve worth it? Samsung sure thinks so.