Verizon Samsung Galaxy NexusSamsung and Google are reportedly forming a cross-licensing alliance aimed at repelling (or attacking) any legal advances from Apple. Following news that the Cupertino company had won an injunction on the Galaxy Nexus, which is a pure Android experience from Samsung and Google, it seems the companies have had enough; Samsung, incidentally, has filed an appeal in the Nexus injunction.

According to The Korea Times, Samsung believes Apple has benefited from its technology, and the tentative “game-plan” of the alliance is purely to wrest royalties from Apple. A bit vindictive on Samsung’s part, but not entirely unexpected considering the out of control patent situation; Samsung previously entered into a cross-licensing deal with Microsoft last September.

“The fight is becoming more dramatic and the possibility of a truce in the form of a cross-licensing deal, seems to be becoming likely,” a source told The Korea Times.

Steve Jobs wanted to start a war against Android, and that’s exactly what Apple is getting. In addition to the potential of a Samsung/Google force, Google may enter into a similar partnership with HTC, 9to5Mac said. And so grows the Android army, and the ongoing patent wars.

[via 9to5Mac]