Samsung Logo CES 2015

While Tizen just beginning to launch in the mobile arena, it seems Samsung has big plans for it in the TV space.

According to an industry source speaking with Tizen Experts, Samsung is aiming to sell a total of 60 million televisions this year, but its real aim is for half of those, or 30 million, to be its newest Tizen powered models. The televisions were on display at CES earlier this month and were labeled as "SUHD," which was just a fancy way to differentiate them from typical UHD 4K televisions.

If Samsung is able to reach such goals, it would certainly be able to grab the attention of some developers as that would be a heck of a start to a new marketplace for them to sell their wares. Of course, television owners aren't known for cruising app stores in the same way that mobile users do, so it's uncertain if this would convert to any significant dollar amount.

Sales of apps aside, it will be a great place for Samsung to work out the kinks of its own operating system and could lead to the company expanding it as it gets it into the hands of more users.

The Samsung SUHD models are expected to go on sale in Korea next month and then expand globally throughout the year.