new-iphone-5-vs-samsung-galaxy-s-iii-comparisonIn the wake of last week’s iPhone 5 announcement, Samsung has unleashed a new ad campaign aimed at shining the spotlight back on its Galaxy S III. And the Korean company’s Apple fixation continues. Samsung’d.

The ad states that it “doesn’t take a genius” to presumably see which device is equipped with the better specs. In the comparison, Samsung lists a full-range of Galaxy S III internals, including screen size, battery life, screen res, and a handful of some the device’s features: S-Beam, Smart Alert, Tilt to Zoom, etc.

The iPhone 5, on the other hand, is a handicapped ramshackle that comes with “a totally different plug.” No Passbook, camera features, iMessage, iCloud, or any of the other enhancements coming to iOS 6.

There’s no debating that Samsung makes some of the best devices on the market — TechnoBuffalo loves the S III and Note —  but the company seems to be focused on the wrong approach here. Sure, the S III may have superior specs, but that doesn’t necessarily mean the better experience for some. The iPhone has been such a major success because its easily accessible to the average consumer, and offers access to the biggest mobile ecosystem available.

Will this kind of ad comparison make Joe Schmo switch? Unlikely. That’s probably why ship dates for the iPhone 5 are getting pushed back left and right.

[via AllThingsD]