Samsung has been relatively quiet following the massive Galaxy Note 7 recall earlier this month. Now it’s back, and, while we don’t normally cover mobile accessories, some of the company’s new gadgets caught our eye.

Samsung’s new Wireless Speaker Bottle, for example, features an LED bulb in the upper portion. The light can be tweaked to your choice of more than 16 million colors using a Lux Manager Application. Tilt the speaker as if you’re pouring milk, and it’ll adjust the brightness, too.

Even cooler is the Wireless Charger Tray that works with a smartphone and the speaker, allowing you to charge either device wirelessly by just putting it on top. It also sports its own USB port for powering up other devices.

Another gadget the Wireless Speaker Scoop, an external speaker with a small strap that you can take anywhere. It looks like a tiny puck and can serve as a full speakerphone solution when you’re away from your desk, thanks to a built-in microphone with echo cancellation.

Samsung’s new accessories launch next month

Samsung introduced a couple of other gadgets, too, including a new battery pack that has an attachable LED light and new in-ear headphones. The products are available in Korea now and will launch in other parts of the world beginning in November.