Galaxy S4

Samsung is going to have another huge year. That goes without saying. Just how huge though has yet to be seen, but in its eyes, it is ready to pull off one of the most successful business years ever put on record, and Samsung wants to do so by selling 500 million phones worldwide.

In 2012, Samsung sold just shy of 400 million units globally, and it claimed the best figures of the year after such a relatively speedy climb to the top. Keeping that in mind, it has the press, momentum, and reputation on its side to make the astronomical figure a reality.

Not to mention, it releases and announces new phones seemingly every other day, and its flagship Galaxy S4 (coming soon) and Galaxy Note III (still unannounced) are will launch this year and help propel sales figures. It's not as if Samsung doesn't have a huge library of phones for consumer to choose from.

It's going to be an important year for Samsung. The company will need to follow up its recent successes and prove they weren't a fluke, or stumbe in the face of rising competition from across the globe. Any predictions on whether or not Samsung can make this crazy feat actually happen?