This is probably among the cheapest you’ll find the PlayStation 4 all year, but you’ll have to be a Sam’s Club member to get it. The member’s only retail warehouse will be offering a one time deal on Sony’s console next Saturday, Nov. 14, dropping the price all the way down to $299.99 with a free game.

The sale will only last for one day, and it will start as a doorbuster at 7AM. First come, first served. Even with the $45 you need for the yearly membership, you’re still saving $5 on top of the $349.99 that the console was recently dropped to. Members obviously get to enjoy the full discount, and since this is a doorbuster sale, you’ll want to go before the day in question if you want to sign up.

That $5 might be the cost of the gasoline it takes to get you to Sam’s Club, though.

The free game is still covered in the savings as well, but the leaked flier from Cheap Ass Gamer does not specify if you get to choose the game or not. Maybe you’ll end up with Uncharted: The Nathan Drake Collection, which is available in one of Sony’s holiday bundles, or maybe you’ll get to choose the specific game you’re looking for. Or maybe, you’ll end up with something you already have or something you have no inclination of ever putting in your machine.

That’s probably overthinking it a little much. $299.99 is a great price for the PlayStation 4 and a free game, and even $344.99 for the PlayStation 4, a free game, and year’s membership at Sam’s Club is a good price.