With the advancements in mobile technology the last five years, more organizations are looking to implement these solutions and improve their business plans; non-profit organizations are no different. To combat the fact that more consumers have moved to a cashless wallet, implementing credit and debit cards, this year the Salvation Army is instituting the “cashless kettle”.

Volunteers in Hawaii, Georgia, Wisconsin, New Jersey, Kentucky, and North Carolina, will not only be sporting their signature bells, but they will also be equipped with mobile credit card readers. The organization started testing the credit card systems in 2008 and this year have expanded the program exponentially. The Salvation Army assure donors that the “cashless kettles” creditcarddonationstransactions are secure as security had been a major consideration in the testing process.

The non-profit emphasizes it is trying to increase donations by expanding into social media and mobile technology with its Facebook widgets for online donations and a specific site for hose who wish to give online. People can even donate via the organizations iPhone application.

“Recognizing this, the Salvation Army has developed a ‘bell-ringer’ application for Apple’s iPhone. This simple and free app is a fun way to use your phone to get others in the spirit of giving by ringing the familiar tones of the Salvation Army bell from anywhere,” the nonprofit’s website said.

According to the Salvation Army, the Christmas campaign raised a record $139 million nationwide, which is impressive in itself considering the recent economic crisis that has faced the United States.

The Red Kettle Campaign helps support the organization and help nearly 4 million people in need during the Christmas season and up to 30 million people throughout the year.

The Christmas Campaign started Thanksgiving Day and wraps up on Christmas Eve, so make sure you save some change for the kettles. If you live in an area that is implementing the card readers just imagine how cool you will look when you donate via a smartphone credit card reader.

The Salvation Army has is making technology work for them, what other organizations can you think of that would benefit from mobile credit card readers? I plan on utilizing them during my daughters Girl Scout cookie sale next year.