Super Mario RPG (4)

Geno and Mallow, two characters forever forgotten in the annals of Nintendo history. They made their brief splash in the wonderfully cheeky Super Mario RPG: Legend of the Seven Stars, and they were sadly never heard from again, aside from the occasional nod or cameo.

Fans called out loud and clear for Geno to be included in the latest Super Smash Bros., and they were partially rewarded for their enthusiasm with his costume made available for the Mii Fighter character. However, a full blown unique character for Geno never came to be.

Famed Director Masahiro Sakurai claims that if he had his way, this would not be the case. He personally wanted Geno to be included in the game, but the decision was ultimately out of his hands. The fate of these characters is so mysterious that even the game’s Director couldn’t use them!

Many believe that while Nintendo owns the Super Mario RPG game, developer Square Enix retains the rights to Geno, Mallow, and the rest of the game’s original characters. For its part, Square Enix was obviously more interested in the allure of Cloud than a cult-classic character who barely anyone remembers.