Two weeks to go until the alien invasion overtakes us all in Saints Row IV, and Deep Silver and Volition have two final steps all prepped and ready for action before release on Aug. 20.

The Saints Row IV Inauguration Station is live and running on Xbox 360 and Steam at this very minute. Head on over and create your Saints boss and decide what the next President of the United States will look like during the epic war with the aliens. The PlayStation 3 version is set to launch next Tuesday.

The customization allowed by Volition in this latest entry in its wacky open-world series far exceeds anything it has seen before, and that is saying something given the crazy characters I’ve seen emerge from those games. Half the fun of Saints Row is seeing how other people create their avatars, and Saints Row IV is going to take that to a new level.

To show that they haven’t lost their sense of humor, Volition has also made the game’s first mission available on YouTube. If you don’t want spoilers, I suggest you don’t watch.

What starts as a typical run and gun affair quickly takes off into another level of awesome, and the soundtrack chosen for the climax of this mission is out of this world. It will knock you on your back with laughter and tears.

Oh Volition, you really know how to make me smile on a rainy day. Saints Row IV launches on Aug. 20 for the Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 and PC.

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