The Third Street Saints have taken over the country by putting its leader in the White House, and have defended Earth from evil aliens. What else do they have to do to prove they are are main show in town? How about save Christmas!?

Every Christmas needs to have a savior, from Rudolph to the Grinch, so this year is the Third Street Saints turn to bring smile and joy to children around the world in what publisher Volition calls “a holiday classic for the whole family.” I mean, how else can you describe Die Hard and Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer being reference in a single screenshot?

And who are the Saints saving Christmas from? Well, from an army of mutated Gingerbread Men, robotic reindeer, and run-amok-nutcrackers, of course! One can only guess the circumstances in which the Saints leave Steelwater and visit the North Pole, but it looks like some angry robot woman wants to ruin the holidays for a lot of sad people.

Of course, the Saints get to meet Santa Claus. How magical! Nobody does DLC like Volition these days, and Saints Row is one of the few series I’m willing to cough up extra cash for, just to see what kind of hilarity ensues.

How the Saints Saved Christmas will be $6.99 when released on December 11th.