Saints Row 2 is free right now on GOG. It’ll be gone before the day is up, so hop on that if you have a PC and want to roll with the Saints in their second outing.

Know what else is good? GOG is offering the rest of the series for cheap. If you like your games like popcorn flicks in the summer sometimes, you might want to give Saints Row IV a crack. It’s $4.99, and it’s an absolutely ridiculous, stupid and glorious title that I found immensely enjoyable.

You play the president, who is also a gang member, as the world is invaded by aliens. Get superpowers. Basically, fly. Enjoy life.

Saints Row 2 is solid, but…

There are some mixed reviews on GOG’s site. Some folks say that the technical issues from old PC port hold this game back as it runs too fast and that causes issues. Others say that that’s all been fixed for the version up on GOG. Download for free knowing that you might need to do some modding work.

Anyone try it and know either way?