We’ve given a lot of love to Dragon Ball Z: Battle of Z recently, so lets kick it old school with another Shonen Jump anime from the same time frame, Saint Seiya. The antique anime is falling in line with Japan’s recent trend of reviving old series through fighting games, and Saint Seiya: Brave Soldiers is the result.

Like most licensed fighting games, this one is more about the flash and ability to recreate the anime look rather than a deep and technical system. I’ve gotta say that developers have come a long way with modern technology and recreating character models of such caliber. Now, only if the backgrounds could be given such detail.

I never got into Saint Seiya back in the day, but it seems like one I’d be into given its Greek mythological roots and being an adaptation of a Shonen Jump manga. It first aired in 2003 on Cartoon Network, but I had already graduated from high school and broken out into other anime series by that time. Cartoon Network canned the show from its Toonami before the series even finished to make room for more modern material, and it never quite garnered any more popularity.

Because of this lack of Western popularity, a Western release is unlikely to ever materialize. However, as a PlayStation 3 game, it will be region free and available to play worldwide. It might be worth checking out if you like anime or are a fan of the series or jut really like Namco Bandai fighting games that much.

Any readers out there familiar with this one?