SaGa Frontier Art (3)

Longtime Square Enix developer Akitoshi Kawazu has been steaming with frustration and anticipation over the last year regarding his SaGa franchise. The series hits its 25th anniversary this week, making it Square Enix’s third longest running series after Dragon Quest and Final Fantasy, and he has stated to fans over and over how he wants to celebrate by making another game worthy of the series’ legacy.

More than once, Kawazu has set a personal deadline to make the announcement, but barriers have leaped in his path every step of the way. The latest hint from him comes from a brief interview through Japanese magazine Game Jouhou, and it all but officially confirms he is working on a SaGa game.

“We’re in the middle of developing a new SaGa game. I believe we’ll get to announce more information [soon].”

I guess you can’t get much more blunt than that, and unlike the other times he’s gone on the record about a new SaGa game, this time doesn’t seem so far-fetched. Why is that? Because Square Enix has scheduled a Niconico Live Stream event for this Sunday, Dec. 14, dedicated entirely to the SaGa franchise and its 25th anniversary! It’s the perfect time to announce something new for fans!

Could we finally be seeing a new game in this offbeat series? Perhaps, but I still think it would be wise to keep our expectations in check. For one, we aren’t sure of the platform. Kawazu has stated that he wants to make a game that fans from the Super Famicom and PlayStation generation could enjoy by sitting on a couch, translating into he wants to make a more traditional RPG.

He does not want to make a mobile game, and I think Square Enix is going to allow him his way.

Secondly, even if it is a console, Nintendo 3DS, or PS Vita game, there is no guarantee that it will make it here to the states. SaGa has never been as widely popular as Square Enix’s other franchises, and each of the released games have been vastly polarizing and misunderstood in the West. SaGa FrontierUnlimited SaGa, and Romancing SaGa continue to be ignored for a PSN re-release, and I think Square Enix of America would rather just sweep them under a carpet to be forgotten for the rest of time. Just let the Japanese enjoy those weird ones, you know?

Add to that, the Super Famicom games, Romancing Saga 1-3, are often considered to be the peak of the series, but they have also never seen the light of day in America. How are we supposed to appreciate something if it has never been properly given to us?

So yes, while I am ecstatic about a new SaGa game, you must excuse me while I keep my expectations in check. Much like the rest of the series, I’ll be sure to keep my importer boots handy in case I need them.