SaGa Frontier

I'm not sure too many people are as excited for the 25th anniversary of SaGa as I am, but with that excitement comes the looming threat of Square Enix just straight up not caring to return to its third oldest RPG series.

Series creator Akitoshi Kawazu has announced plans to make a new game in the series that fans of the Game Boy, Super Famicom, and PlayStation titles can be proud of, but so far, nothing of the sort has materialized. All we've seen from the 25th anniversary of SaGa is Square Enix holding a culture day celebration in Saga Prefecture, one of Japan's most rural and uninteresting places.

It's not the celebration most fan were hoping for.

Kawazu's spring deadline for more information on the new game has now passed with summer starting in June, and he has once again broken silence and requested on the official SaGa Twitter page that fans be patient as his plans have been met with delays.

"Although I said 'near the end of Spring,' it's already June now, and we've yet to announce anything," as translated by Siliconera."We're experiencing various delays, and I apologize. We're moving forward little at a time, so please wait just a little longer."

I'm so excited by the fact that this could be even happening to worry about a timeline. If Kawazu needs time to make another SaGa game, then it's time I will be more than happy to give him.

For those who have never had a chance to play any game in the series, they are probably the most inaccessible of all of Square's classic titles. The three original Game Boy games, localized as Final Fantasy Legends in America, can only be played with the physical carts and an actual Game Boy. The Super Famicom games were never officially localized, and you'll have to turn to the fan translation scene for that one.

SaGa was first released under its real name in America as Saga Frontier, one of my favorite video games, but it has not been released on PSN, and neither has its sequel SaGa Frontier 2. You'll be needing the actual CDs for those, as well as the physical PlayStation 2 discs if you want to play either Unlimited SaGa or Romancing SaGa.

Needless to say, Square Enix seems like it wants to leave SaGa behind in the past, at least for its American audience, and it is not interested in digitally distributing them in the least. Even if this 25th Anniversary game gets made, we still live under the threat of  them not being localized.

Any SaGa fans out here hoping and praying for nothing but good news, or am I alone on this one?