Public Wi-Fi is always open to abuse, and it is easy for scammers to set up fake networks. Wi-Fi Hotspot Protector is an app for iOS that stops your phone connecting to suspicious devices, and encrypts your data. Through TechnoBuffalo Deals, lifetime service is now just $29.

With the app installed, you can initiate protection with a single tap. The service works a bit like a VPN, routing your browsing traffic through a proxy server in order to mask your IP address. HotSpot Protector has servers all over the world, so you always get a speedy connection. This is secured by high-grade encryption, meaning there is no way that any airport or hotel hacker is going to see your personal data. Running in the background, the app is also constantly scanning the airwaves and profiling local devices. Any suspicious wireless devices it finds are added to a blacklist, preventing your phone automatically connecting to a malicious hotspot. The app works on any device running iOS 8, or newer.

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