Lets take a look at the chart for this month and see how it stacks up against the previous. All measurements are according to NetMarketshare.

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While Google Chrome continued its seemingly unstoppable growth, but it only grew by .37% in April.  While not the slowest growth it has shown so far this year, it is definitely not the leaps and bounds it showed through out most of 2010.

Safari logoThe shifts were pretty small this month with the exception of Internet Explorer which saw a slide of .81%.  While it is still enjoying over half the market, at that sort of rate, it could very well fall below the 50% mark by the end of this year.

While Firfox gained back some ground last month, its slide this month took it to a new low for the year.  With Firefox 4 out there now, and generally good reviews, you would think it might be gaining some more ground back, but no such luck.

Opera lost .01%, but that could account for someone not logging in all month.  Okay, more than that, but still it is barely a blip worth noticing.

Apple’s Safari grew by a healthy .51%, making it seem that it was the one to pick up most of the traffic from the Internet Explorer slide this month.  It still hasn’t even hit 8%, but at the rate it just keeps steadily growing, the other browsers really should be trying to figure out why it keeps going up.

What do you think?  Did you change your primary browser in April?