Among all the soon-to-be vaporware games Nintendo used to lure us into the Wii before its launch, none had a longer and more drawn out cancellation than Sadness, a psychological horror game under development by Polish developer Nibris. Once the company went under in 2010, remnants found their way to the halls of BlooberTeam, a small developing team dedicated to mobile gaming and Nintendo eShop games.

Now the team is back with the big boys developing for the HD consoles, and hopefully they will get their game launched this time. Destructoid has just released a single piece of media from their upcoming project Medium, a new IP unrelated to Sadness.

Outside of the image, nothing is known about the gameplay, leaving the gaming crowd to only speculate, and we all know how much gamers love that. It definitely takes place in modern Japan, despite the medievil look, most likely a fantasized Eastern Kyoto, and will most likely be a 2D platformer with high-res sprites treated with a quality typical reserved for Vanillaware or Arc System Works.

No launch date is known yet, but the game will be released across almost every platform: Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, PlayStation Vita, Wii U, iOS, Android and PC.

[via Destructoid]