Sidekick 4G discontinuedDespite seeing a revival early last year, it looks like T-Mobile’s venerable Sidekick line is finally getting dropped for good. TmoNews has acquired an internal document that lists the Android-equipped Sidekick 4G on the discontinued list as of March 6. For the many former Sidekick owners around the world, myself included, hearing this news is like seeing a beloved TV show get canceled. It’s not unexpected, however, as the Sidekick just couldn’t recapture its heyday. After enduring a crippling outage in 2009 – plus the growing popularity of touchscreen-only devices – consumers largely got over the Sidekick’s charm -for the most part, at least. According to TmoNews, the Sidekick 4G “was one [of] the most searched consumer electronics via Google for all of 2011.” Perhaps for the nostalgia factor? There’s been no word on whether T-Mobile will introduce a follow up, but for now it looks like the Sidekick line is being sent out to the pasture for good.

[via TmoNews]