Ryze Tello Iron Man

The Ryze Tello is a brilliant starter drone for kids and adults alike, thanks in no small part to the helping hand Intel and DJI provided to create it.

And now there's an Iron Man edition. Oh yes.

On a hardware level it's the same Ryze Tello as has always been, but with a Marvel paint job. And it's quite the paint job at that. The infamous gold and red color scheme of Iron Man runs throughout, and Ryze has a new companion application to go with it that brings in a touch of Friday.

The Tello is an incredible amount of fun to fly, and all you need is a smartphone. The 5MP camera lacks stabilization but is still capable of taking good quality photos, and you can perform all manner of flips with nothing more than a swipe on your phone screen.

Tello is also user programmable, supporting platforms like Apple's Swift Playgrounds, and is an exciting way for young coders to get programming. All of this applies as much to the Iron Man edition as the regular one.

You can order one right now from the DJI Store for $129, and while it takes the same batteries, propellers and prop guards as the regular Tello, the latter two are uniquely colored for the Iron Man edition. It'll ship within a few days as well, so you've got plenty of play time before Avengers: Endgame hits the big screen.

Be Iron Man

Ryze Tello Iron Man edition

Live out your Iron Man fantasies

The Ryze Tello is a phenomenal starter drone for kids and adults and now you can live out your Iron Man fantasies at the same time. Double win!

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