Steam has a policy in place that’s meant to protect consumers from games that aren’t what they expected. Maybe they’re poorly designed, maybe gamers don’t like them or maybe they’re way too short. Whatever the reason, players can request refunds for games they buy.

Rust has been an extremely popular game on Steam. SteamSpy has the total owners of Rust on Steam at more than 5,000,000 users. There have been a few refunds in that pile.

Garry Newman, the creator of Rust, tweeted the “real Steam Refund figures” for the title. It’s been refunded 329,970 times to the whopping tune of $4,382,032. That’s money the game’s makers had to give back to the consumers.

When asked for the leading reason why people requested a refund, Newman indicated that “not fun” and “bad performance” were the chief reasons. He added, “which is pretty fair I think.”

That’s a whole lot of money to have to give back to buyers, but I imagine the overall success of Rust makes $4.3 million a large drop in the bucket.

Have you ever requested a refund on Steam? There have been a few times when I probably should have, but I’ve never actually pulled that trigger.