cell towerThese days, it's difficult to find truly unlimited data plans for your smartphone, but not if you live in Russia. Russian carrier MegaFon not only gives its subscribers all the data they can eat, but it actually rewards customers with up to 1 million rubles (approx. $33,000) for consuming the most data over its 3G network each week.

Between November 1, 2011, and January 31, 2012, customers purchasing a 3G modem from MegaFon were asked to consume as much data as they possibly could, according to Russian news website C News, and the person who consumed most would be rewarded with a luxury vacation worth 150,000 rubles (approx. $5,000).

The winner of the trip managed to consume a whopping 419GB of 3G data in one week — proving MegaFon's data plans really are limitless. Imagine the charge you'd get from AT&T for using that much data on your iPhone!

According to C News, the carrier used the competition to demonstrate the extent of its 3G coverage, which serves 80% of north-western Russia, including small, rural areas. In fact, the company's director of public relations noted that those who came in second- and third-place were from Novgorad and Yaroslavi — two small towns which still have access to 21Mbps data thanks to MegaFon.

This is an example of what unlimited data plans really should be. In most territories — including the U.S. and the U.K. — "unlimited" data plans actually have hidden "fair usage policies," which means you can be charged extra for exceeding your monthly cap (which is typically around 2GB).

Do you think you could consume 419GB of 3G data in one week?

[via The Next Web]