Earlier this week we covered the launch of Nike+ Move, a new application for the iPhone 5s that takes advantage of the phone's M7 co-processor to keep track of your movement activity. Now, RunKeeper, another popular fitness application, takes advantage of the chip also.

The new features for the iPhone 5s include "Pocket Track," which lets you keep track of how far and long you walk, all without even having to launch the application. Additionally, there's a "Stride rate chart," that shows how your stride changes as you run, walk or jog. RunKeeper also promises that there's an improved auto-pause option that activates while you run or walk.  The app now supports AirDrop on the iPhone 5, iPhone 5s and iPhone 5c, so you can share your workouts with anyone who's nearby. You can also add friends through AirDrop.

Apple's M7 co-processor is certainly turning out to be quite groundbreaking technology. Typically users might have to buy an external fitness gadget, such as a FitBit Flex, Jawbone UP or FuelBand, but now we can see for some tasks those aren't even necessary. The update is free and is available from the App Store now.