Remember our video below? It was an interview with Nick Lee in our offices out in Irvine, California, where Lee showed us his home-made 3D printed case, which allows an iPhone to run Android. Lee did it to prove it can be done, as all great hackers tend to do, but didn’t seem to suggest he wanted to take it to the market. Another company has done just that, though.

The case you see above is made by Haimawan and was first spotted by The Verge. It’s called the MESUIT and includes hardware running Android that allows iPhone users, who have applied the case, to switch between iOS and Android with “one-key hot swapping.” It even supports two SIMs, allowing you to act as though you’re operating two completely different phones in one. Two models are planned, including a 1,700mAh option for the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6s, and a larger 2,500mAh option for iPhone 6s Plus and iPhone 6 Plus owners.

“It can easily be connected with the mentioned iPhones via the lightning port and an app,” Haimawan explained, noting that it adds an additional 16GB of storage. “In addition, the app can achieve a vast majority of iTunes functionality. Users can enjoy a depth of management functions, including ring tones, local backup, file processing, etc.”

The MESUIT appears to be available for sale right now, priced at ¥999, or about $150. We have no idea how well it works, if it even does, so enter at your own risk. Anyone daring enough to give it a whirl can hit the source below.