Two sets of rumors concerning the potential name for Sony's follow-up to the PSP, the NGP, have surfaced over the last several days. Both sets point the rumor towards the same eventual name for the system, the PS Vita, which helps cement their potential legitimacy.

First, a blog post surfaced concerning the next generation portable's potential name on May 29th. Joystiq had that the post initially included the shot of the "PS Vita" that you see to the right in this story here. Once the internet and gaming press got wind of the story, the author of the post pulled the pictures and left a note that read, "This has to be one of the stupidest things I've ever done. I don't know what I was thinking. I'm sorry. I really am." The shot was supposedly a part of the E3 related images meant to be used during the Sony press conference in L.A. next week.

Now, today, a second piece of evidence has surfaced that connects the NGP to the PS Vita moniker. Sony's own E3 2011 hub contains source code with "PS Vita" peppered throughout. It's this evidence, to me, that almost seals the deal for the potential name. The manufacturer may, possibly, have just used PS Vita as the temporary name in writing code; however, the combination of that evidence and the apologetic blogger's post make PS Vita seem probable.

I'm just floating this out there on a personal level, but am I the only one that can't help but think of Ricky Martin every time I hear "vita" in connection to just about anything else. While that may not be clicking over at Sony's marketing department, it is for me. Am I alone?

While the evidence of these rumors is convincing, the reality of the matter is that they won't be rumors much longer. Sony will be featuring the NGP heavily in their E3 conference next week; all of this will be cleared up then.

Does "PS Vita" sound legitimate to you? If so, what say you about the name?

[via Joystiq]